Executive Coaching

IS Consulting provides proven Leadership Coaching programs that help individual executives maximize their organizational contribution and lead more satisfying lives.

The standard is a 6-12 month Leadership Program designed to access and build on the client’s whole self, not just their business persona, and provides concrete and actionable ways to be more effective as an executive and a leader.

With more access to “right brain” intelligence, executives can dramatically increase their executive presence and leadership acumen, enabling them to more effectively manage complexity and change.

The program helps both women and men to reconnect with their own personal values – be more authentic – and define their professional goals in ways that activate those values. This enables executives to access untapped sources of strengths, find meaning and satisfaction, and boost confidence and vigor.

Some of the leadership capabilities we focus on:

  • Executive Presence – the ability to inspire and motivate by one’s mere presence
  • Communication – the ability to influentially present one’s ideas in formal and informal situations
  • Emotional Intelligence – the capacity for clear thinking, resilience and self-observation
  • Innovation – the aptitude to nurture a culture that continuously develops fresh solutions
  • Organizational Transformation – the ability to initiate collective change within an organization
  • Community Building – the ability to build a cohesive community within an organization
  • Strategic Visioning – understanding the interrelationships between parts in the evolution of the whole system

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