“Leadership Communication in the Conceptual Era is a unique experiential workshop that provides those in leadership roles a new way to think about how they lead. It’s a great workshop for those who want to build capability to be more creative, have a more leadership presence, imagine new possibilities, lead through conversation, and develop a more personal connection with others in order to reach new levels of success within the conceptual era.”

Don Kraft
Director, Learning and Development

“The workshop provided me with an opportunity to use parts of my brain that are often silent but when allowed to speak give me a sense of wholeness and power. I also gained incredible insights about some of my patterns and possibilities from the exercises and the dialogue. I was able to apply my learnings immediately at work and home.”

Teresa Roche
Vice President and Chief Learning Officer
Agilent Technologies

“A new way at looking at leadership for anyone running an information or creative-oriented workforce. An involving and transformative workshop that inspired me to be inspiring. Ipek taught me to be a more thoughtful and values-centered leader. Essential for success in today’s complex, knowledge-driven workplace.”

Jeff Tarran
Wayfinder Response Marketing

“I would recommend this workshop for anyone serious about building their foundation for authentic leadership. It was truly an enriching and empowering experience.”

Elaine Miller
Vice President, Product Marketing
BEA Systems

“Being new to the leadership training thing, your workshop on Communication in the Conceptual Era was a real eye-opener. The exercises and conversation peeled away a lot of assumptions I held about the leadership role and myself and offered both intellectual and emotional insights that have made me more effective and more comfortable as a department head. Sharing this workshop with a group of smart, successful, thoughtful people made the process as engaging as it was enlightening. I’m very much looking forward to continuing the growth in the next workshop. Thanks Ipek.”

Jeff Billig
Wayfinder Response Marketing

“Ipek’s work in the arena of Leadership Communication is not simply innovative but personally transformative. This workshop provided me with a new way of thinking around my own leadership presence that was untapped. As a result, my development pathway became much wider, richer and more dynamic!”

Renee Dineen
Associate Director

“It is our responsibility as executives to think outside of the box in any competitive business. Ipek facilitates a new approach to enhancing our right brain thinking process. I especially appreciate the way she incorporates art into her program. It was a truly unique and thought provoking experience!”

Kathy Mills
Vice President, Corporate Oversight Technology
Charles Schwab & Co.

“This workshop allowed me to open up and use my right brain skills to be more creative. This has provided me with a new way to approach situations as I lead my management team. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who does not have the opportunity to be as creative in their daily work life because the use of the right brain can actually create opportunities for new ideas to emerge. This workshop has stayed with me even weeks after I attended and I often go back to some of the valuable techniques I learned to apply them in my current role.”

Rachel Fisher
Region Sales Director
Addison Avenue Credit Union

“The workshop was an eye opener for me. There was plenty of turmoil in my work life due to a pending reorganization. The workshop exercises helped center my thoughts around what I wanted to do once the turmoil settled. As a result I was able to show-up better and get the role I wanted”

Jim DiFalco
Product Manager, Stop-Loss and Life
Blue Shield of California

“In an overdeveloped Left Brain world, Ipek unleashes the vastly underutilized power of the Right Brain. Prepare to feel like you’re stepping into new territory, and experiencing amazement at what you’ll realize has been untapped!”

Carole Henmi
Henmi Consulting

“I highly recommend this workshop for anyone managing a team of professionals irrespective of industry. The IS sessions help to engage tools that we already possess but have been sidelined by left brain dominant thinking in the workplace. Learn how to activate that right hemisphere in ways that will foster not only personal fulfillment but also help empower and get the most out of your employees in the post-Information Age.”

Paul Bricault
EVP, Head of Consulting
William Morris Associates

“The workshop gave me an opportunity to expand my thinking about the work I am doing in my role as Director of Executive Education. It helped me shift from thinking about individual development to organizational learning. The exercises helped me make that shift as I observed a top notch group of professionals engage and produce results that surpassed their own expectations. It was a truly unique learning experience with an outstanding group of fellow practitioners.”

Christine Landon
Director, Executive Development
Agilent Technologies